High quality, innovation, and responsibility
are synonymous with our services.

"Involve me and I learn" is the phrase that describes our educational approach focused on the needs of our students and their individual learning styles. Technology is implemented in our curriculum as a tool that helps students reach their full potential. Teaching is our passion, and it is what transforms our lessons into an exciting experience.

Every teacher who teaches at our center is a member of a team whose highest goal is to elicit the best possible performance from our students. Improving their performance along with acquiring knowledge to achieve their goals is our commitment.

EDUsmart is an innovative and pioneering Level 2 Foreign Language Center and Lifelong Learning institution with active action since 2008 and organization of numerous notables events in the wider area.

Our students here are taught skills. Foreign languages are taught holistically, meaning through experience with life skills and CLIL, ensuring knowledge that, in turn, leads to certification. Our collaboration with KEDIVIM of the University of Macedonia guarantees our students' participation in credit-bearing seminars, enhancing their smart resume!

In all of our courses we follow the six C's
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Community
  • Curiosity

An approach in line with the 21st century life skills.


Agias Sofias 3


Phone: 2384023533
E-mail: byedusmart@gmail.com